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Farmasino 2023 Newcomer Training Camp and New and Old Employee Exchange Meeting is successfully held
Nov 03,2023

On November 1st, Farmasino's 2023 newcomer training camp and new and old employee exchange meeting was successfully held. The training camp lasted for nearly one month, with a total of 20 courses. It was full of dry goods and arranged the results of the assessment and inspection of the camp. The 24 partners successfully completed the assessment. The current training camp and new and old employee exchanges are designed to lead new employees to understand the company's corporate culture faster, familiar with the work functions of various sectors, and experience the company's care more deeply.

Employee exchange meeting

The 24 partners of this training camp showed themselves in all aspects of personal situation, interest and hobbies, work experience, the impression of Farmasino, career planning and prospects, and they were full of vitality and full of vitality.

The new and old employees represent the exchange session, and the new employees are joyful about the recent joining the company's feelings and the future of the future. Old employees sincerely shared the journey of entering the division for more than ten years, and told the valuable experience of slowly growing from novice.

Old employees patiently answered the questions raised by new employees, and taught work experience to encourage new employees to maintain patience, abstain from arrogance and irritability, and accumulate experience.

General Manager speech

Yan Libo, general manager of Farmasino, extended a warm welcome to the new employees and introduced the work experience and the company's development blueprint to everyone. I hope everyone will integrate into the Kaiyuan pharmaceutical family as soon as possible, emphasize that it is necessary to tie the "first buckle", self -discipline, and career planning. Pay attention to every choice. Encourage everyone to ask more from old employees to learn and grow up with the company.

At the end of the meeting, General Manager Yan Libo sent a certificate of completion and customized souvenirs to each small partner.

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